Monday, March 9, 2015

We are Moving!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Okay so most of you know we recently got a dog. Well this dog doesnt think he is a dog. **shhh Dont tell him he isnt a person** Well I told him I introuduced all my blog followers to him and he insisted on writing his own post.

Hello, My Name is Buster! I just recently moved in with a wonderful family who adopted me. I am so glad to be in such a warm place.
I am getting use to the little girl pulling on my ears. I also dont like the baths too much. However I really love the cuddling. Mommy lets me sit on couch with her and sneaks treats to me when noone is looking. :) She doesnt like my kisses and says there stinky but I give them to her anyways because they make her laugh. Daddy acts like he doesnt like me too much but when noone else is around he lets me jump up in his comfy chair with him.
My favorite person in the house though is my new big brother. He runs with me and trys to teach me to play ball. I have some  new outside buddies to chase as well. Mommy called them rabbits but all  I know is they run really fast. I also have some great new warm cozy places to lay. Some of my favorites are under the computer desk when mommy is working, or  next to bed when baby is sleeping. When she is sleeping she is so adorable and its extra quiet. I plan to protect my new family by barking when things come near them even those pesky birds. I will keep you upadted on my family and my rabbit chasing adventures. Thank you for reading bloggy  doggy friends.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mommy Challenge

This blog is inspired by a post on a forum This is a list of things we as Christian Moms should be doing Everyday To Raise Great Children. I hae to admit some of the things on her list I didnt do before. I vow Today and Everyday after to try and do these things with my kids. To many times we let other things get in the way of the special moments with our kids. What ever that little thing is that is causing you to miss these moments with your kids put them away for a few minutes or hours to give your kids the full attention they need. I am challenging myself for at least the next 30 days to do everything on this list and possibly more with my two children.

Here is the list
*Pray together every day, you can start with each meal, when they wake up and when they go to bed.

*Teach your children about Jesus and teach them the Word of God.

*Teach them to love others and to be kind.

*Teach them manners and to be polite; To be young ladies and gentlemen.

*Teach them how to be healthy, if you don’t know how, then research and get help.

*Exercise with your children every day!

*Teach them that real JOY comes when you put Jesus first, others next, and yourself last!

*Teach them that whatever they do has consequences.

*Teach them to trust you and to obey you ... and they’ll have an easier time trusting and obeying the Lord!

*Teach them how to get along well with others -- to share and be diplomatic.

*Be the best example you can be-- children do what you do, not what you say!(Man, do I know this one to be true!)

*Teach them to be frugal and that money doesn’t grow on trees—it takes hard work.

*Spend time together laughing and playing.

*Take family vacations—it doesn’t have to be expensive, just time together.

*Do something nice for others—help someone…examples to come.

*Turn off the TV, especially during meal time.

*Hug, hold, and love your kids daily.

***Don’t ever let the sun go down without saying “I love you” and “I’m sorry” if you did something wrong.

Monday, August 9, 2010

She Dressed Herself

Hey Everyone Have to share this adorable moment with you all. My daughter is two and today she dressed herself... Here is a picture

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Saturday, July 24, 2010


Well Little man started the big K this morning! He did so good waking up and didnt make a peep when it was time to go into classroom. He is in big school. Its bittersweet. My little baby boy isnt so little anymore. I am very proud of him though. I know this year will challenge him in different ways, as school should. I know he will get through it though. He is an amazing kid.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

If you Knew Me

     I just finished watching the premiere of If you Knew me, a new show on MTV. It was all about something called 'Challenge Day." Challenge day is a one day assembly in highschool, where the students are challenged to come out of thier shells. Cliques separate, and teens come open. Oh boy did it bring me back to highschool. Cliques are in ever school, small or large. If you are a parent of a teeneager or pre teen THIS SHOW IS SOMETHING YOU NEED TO WATCh. I think it would give you and your child a good oppurtunity to be open and honest with each other.
     As you know my kids are still several years away from Junior High & Highschool years ,but as an adult who has two beautiful children it opened my eyes. We need to be advisorys for our children. No matter what age they are. You can't protect them from harm the way you can when they are toddlers, but you  can be in the shadows waiting for them to lean on you. We all want what is best for our kids and even though I am not going through the teens right now I know they are tough. Sorry mom:)
Expectations are going to be hard to set for our kids. My plan is to teach my children that RIGHT NOW and ALWAYS I am here. I plan to teach them right from wrong. I plan to teach them that the world is harsh, and everyone goes through tough times, but they dont have to copy what is seen around them.  Uniqueness is the way to be.
    Some of the students feelings and phrases that were said ,on the show,I could definiatlly relate to.  So be open with your child and show no judgement. I think that as Adults (even if you dont have kids) we can all learn from this as well. Judgment is not for us on earth to decide. Sadly though it comes all to easily. We are all about apperance. Ever heard of the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover." Well I say when it comes to being out in the world "Don't Judge a person by his/her eye's, look at thier heart." The cliche "Beauty is on the inside," is so true and so overlooked. So as you are walking halls in school,becoming an adult out in the world, or raising a family remember that everyone around you has eyes too. Be the strong, fearless person that leads by example.
Talk to someone. Listen to someone. Learn about them.
Here is link to show if your curious