Thursday, August 26, 2010


Okay so most of you know we recently got a dog. Well this dog doesnt think he is a dog. **shhh Dont tell him he isnt a person** Well I told him I introuduced all my blog followers to him and he insisted on writing his own post.

Hello, My Name is Buster! I just recently moved in with a wonderful family who adopted me. I am so glad to be in such a warm place.
I am getting use to the little girl pulling on my ears. I also dont like the baths too much. However I really love the cuddling. Mommy lets me sit on couch with her and sneaks treats to me when noone is looking. :) She doesnt like my kisses and says there stinky but I give them to her anyways because they make her laugh. Daddy acts like he doesnt like me too much but when noone else is around he lets me jump up in his comfy chair with him.
My favorite person in the house though is my new big brother. He runs with me and trys to teach me to play ball. I have some  new outside buddies to chase as well. Mommy called them rabbits but all  I know is they run really fast. I also have some great new warm cozy places to lay. Some of my favorites are under the computer desk when mommy is working, or  next to bed when baby is sleeping. When she is sleeping she is so adorable and its extra quiet. I plan to protect my new family by barking when things come near them even those pesky birds. I will keep you upadted on my family and my rabbit chasing adventures. Thank you for reading bloggy  doggy friends.

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