Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Blizzard


I live in Texas and on Christmas family and I DROVE through a FLIPPIN BLIZZARD! I had never ever seen a BLIZZARD before. When you think of Texas you dont think of Snow on the ground. Well this year was deffinatly a white Christmas. Let me back up by explaining our plans.
Every year since I have been out on my own we drive the short little hour back to mom and dads house. My two children, my other half, and of course me. Since my other half was scheduled to work until 4 o'clock on christmas eve we werent scheduled to leave until 430 or so.
We woke up to sleet coming down and by 9 o'clock am I knew that if we were going to go WE HAD TO GO RIGHT THEN. My Other Half's boss the generous girl she is let him leave. I bundled both children up in full winter gear. Hats Gloves big heavy jackets. Loaded the car with water bottles and blankets just incase. It may have been the old lady worrier coming out in me but I wanted to be on the safe side. So by 10 we were on the road to our Nini&PoPpies (my parents) house.
The children were never so quiet on a car trip in there short little lives. Normally there talking constantly, whining, or just screaming. We couldnt even see infront of us on most parts of the road. Cars were going 5 and 10 miles an hour ( well most were). We stayed with the slow folks and didnt end up in the median stuck, like several (well more than several) cars and trucks did. Tow Trucks, desiel trucks and semi's even were getting stuck. It was the most scariest thing. All in all though we had an angel watching over the West Family that day. We arrived 3 HOURS after we left ( remember I said it normally takes an hour) After that Christmas Eve and Christmas day were wonderful, normal traditions. Kids set out cookies for Santa Clause. We wrote our oldest son a letter from Santa, filled the stockings. The next morning Santa had came and left lots of goodies from everyone. Then mom made a wonderul lunch. It was an adventerous day but WAY worth it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I OFFICIALLY HAVE A BIG NOW IN THE HOUSE NOW!!!!  My Son just turned 5 years old. I cant believe it has been five years since this little man was put in my arms. Getting tearing just thinking about it. Sometimes I get very frustrated with him, but my love always remains. Everytime he tells me something he has learned in school or wonders about. I am amazed.