Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Self Disciple

This year my Son has started preschool. They send a newsletter home every week. The purpose of the newsletter is to let us parents know what supplies is needed, and what my child is learning in class. We are in our third week of school, and I received a new newsletter today. What is my child is learning this week? The letter M, Colors, and SELF DISCIPLINE! Self Disciple for a 4 year old is hard. Its hard for a 23 year old. Self Disciple towards food has been a BIG struggle for me lately. I have to tell myself that cupcake is not going to help u fit into those jeans.Self Discipline in preschool is necessary no doubt. However, my question is "why is it so hard for people to learn this lesson?"

Sunday, September 6, 2009

pulling my hair out

Okay I am literally about to pull my hair out. My daughter has been sick all day! Fever and upset tummy do not equal a happy baby. On top of all that my son has been acting up this evening...Cant a mom get a break??? I seriously want a huge chocolate bar so I don't pull my hair out!! Say a prayer that I make it to bedtime!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Zumba Zumba!

Okay so for those of you who dont know, Zumba is an excersise class. You dance instead of walking the neverending walk to nowhere on the treadmill. Its incredibly fun.They also play great music. I have recently become a Zumba Addict. Lol! I even have avoided several brownies for this thing! What the heck am I crazy??? Giving up chocolate so I can go dance! Cant let chocolate make me heavy on my feet gotta get those shakira hips grooving and moving.