Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mommy Challenge

This blog is inspired by a post on a forum This is a list of things we as Christian Moms should be doing Everyday To Raise Great Children. I hae to admit some of the things on her list I didnt do before. I vow Today and Everyday after to try and do these things with my kids. To many times we let other things get in the way of the special moments with our kids. What ever that little thing is that is causing you to miss these moments with your kids put them away for a few minutes or hours to give your kids the full attention they need. I am challenging myself for at least the next 30 days to do everything on this list and possibly more with my two children.

Here is the list
*Pray together every day, you can start with each meal, when they wake up and when they go to bed.

*Teach your children about Jesus and teach them the Word of God.

*Teach them to love others and to be kind.

*Teach them manners and to be polite; To be young ladies and gentlemen.

*Teach them how to be healthy, if you don’t know how, then research and get help.

*Exercise with your children every day!

*Teach them that real JOY comes when you put Jesus first, others next, and yourself last!

*Teach them that whatever they do has consequences.

*Teach them to trust you and to obey you ... and they’ll have an easier time trusting and obeying the Lord!

*Teach them how to get along well with others -- to share and be diplomatic.

*Be the best example you can be-- children do what you do, not what you say!(Man, do I know this one to be true!)

*Teach them to be frugal and that money doesn’t grow on trees—it takes hard work.

*Spend time together laughing and playing.

*Take family vacations—it doesn’t have to be expensive, just time together.

*Do something nice for others—help someone…examples to come.

*Turn off the TV, especially during meal time.

*Hug, hold, and love your kids daily.

***Don’t ever let the sun go down without saying “I love you” and “I’m sorry” if you did something wrong.


  1. These are all great tips! We try to do most of these with our children at all times. I'm stopping by from the Mommies Faves group on MBC! Following you now with two of my blogs! Stop by when you get a chance. :)

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  2. These ARE great tips! Thank you for sharing!

    I have an award for you!