Tuesday, July 20, 2010

If you Knew Me

     I just finished watching the premiere of If you Knew me, a new show on MTV. It was all about something called 'Challenge Day." Challenge day is a one day assembly in highschool, where the students are challenged to come out of thier shells. Cliques separate, and teens come open. Oh boy did it bring me back to highschool. Cliques are in ever school, small or large. If you are a parent of a teeneager or pre teen THIS SHOW IS SOMETHING YOU NEED TO WATCh. I think it would give you and your child a good oppurtunity to be open and honest with each other.
     As you know my kids are still several years away from Junior High & Highschool years ,but as an adult who has two beautiful children it opened my eyes. We need to be advisorys for our children. No matter what age they are. You can't protect them from harm the way you can when they are toddlers, but you  can be in the shadows waiting for them to lean on you. We all want what is best for our kids and even though I am not going through the teens right now I know they are tough. Sorry mom:)
Expectations are going to be hard to set for our kids. My plan is to teach my children that RIGHT NOW and ALWAYS I am here. I plan to teach them right from wrong. I plan to teach them that the world is harsh, and everyone goes through tough times, but they dont have to copy what is seen around them.  Uniqueness is the way to be.
    Some of the students feelings and phrases that were said ,on the show,I could definiatlly relate to.  So be open with your child and show no judgement. I think that as Adults (even if you dont have kids) we can all learn from this as well. Judgment is not for us on earth to decide. Sadly though it comes all to easily. We are all about apperance. Ever heard of the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover." Well I say when it comes to being out in the world "Don't Judge a person by his/her eye's, look at thier heart." The cliche "Beauty is on the inside," is so true and so overlooked. So as you are walking halls in school,becoming an adult out in the world, or raising a family remember that everyone around you has eyes too. Be the strong, fearless person that leads by example.
Talk to someone. Listen to someone. Learn about them.
Here is link to show if your curious http://www.mtv.com/shows/if_you_really_knew_me/series.jhtml

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