Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cleaning Fairies

Okay So I love being a mom and taking care of my family. However as all people do I have to complain. Every now and then at least. Those darn cleaning fairies wont come to my house!!! I am ending up having to do the dusting, which living in Texas needs to be done every other day. I have had to clean the bathrooms, and needless to say with two boys in the house our bathrooms are GROSS!!! Toys keep appearing on my floor, when I swear I picked them up like 30 seconds ago!!! Cleaning Fairies did you send your friends the "Messy Fairies?" Okay maybe the messy fairies are the two little munchkins running around. Anyways the Cleaning Fairies DON'T EVEN DO THE MOUNDS OF LAUNDRY THAT PILE UP THROUGHOUT THE DAY! I have a 13 month old who is a constantly drools don't they know laundry has to be done!!! Well maybe I will have better luck tomorrow. Cleaning Fairies I don't know whose house your at, BUT GET YOUR LITTLE WINGED BUTS OVER HERE!!! I NEED YOU!!!

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