Monday, June 7, 2010


       Last Night was the premier of KATE PLUS 8.  It was kind of a bittersweet situation because I didnt get to cuddle with my son and watch. {not the first time anyways} We use to love watching the new shows until the whole tabloid stuff came about of course. At first I decided to keep letting Zackary {4} at the time keep watching. Until one night he said "Why is there mommy always leaving." That night I decided he couldnt watch it anymore. I didn't want him worring that I was going to pack up and leave. I was disappointed with TLC for showing all the negative. I felt like the world was already full of negativity and I didnt need it in this family show. However I did realize that this show wasn't a sitcom. It was the true lives of this family. I then felt sorry for this woman, her children and even her husband. However I still couldnt place myself in this moms shoes.
    Last night changed my mind.  I watched and I have to say that I could certainly relate to this woman. She is just a hardworking mother. I believe I could be friends with this woman. I think people are to quick to read the tabloids and to judge what they read. Remember that tabloids get paid to write. Good Bad or Ugly. They are going to write about anything and everything true, false or indifferent. So screen the show and then watch with your little ones. Remember Kate is just a hard working mommy. Like you and I, she has real fears, and dreams. If you prick her she will bleed.

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  1. So So So true....people are to hard, and don't judge a book by its cover!