Sunday, February 28, 2010

Overwhelmed By net

When your child is diagnosed with an illness whatever it may be. You do what doctors and people tell you, you are going to try everything you can do make your child feel better and "cure" him/her. My son is 5 and has suspected Attention Deficit Disorder (also known as ADD). When that was first thrown at me I was almost horrified I asked myself 3 questions.
1)How can MY baby be ill?
2)What did I do to cause him to have this?
3) How can I help him?

I got over intial shock pretty quickly as the nightly fights and arguements went on and on I started to accept that it is more likely than not Attention Deficit Disorder. I started looking on the internet for help. Boy of Boy that was wrong thing to do. Yes I found lots of information. Yes I found lots of ideas. Changing his diet, tightneing routine, differenct medications and there side effects, Horror stories of people who have had or been suspected of having ADD. I

One Day I found myself at grocery store struggling to pick a cearal for him. For a 5 year old boy! I then reliazed that while I wanted to do best for Zackary, I was hurting him with all these changes. Diet changes if your going to do them need to be gradual. I understand the links between sugar and hyperness, but I can't deprive this child of some morning treat he likes. At least its not a candy bar. I have since stayed away from reaserching ADD on net. I do go to a few forums online to just lend support to other moms that are in my situation. I realized that there has to be a balance in everything I do. I want to help Zack in anyway possible not hurt him

So Anyways that is just bit of my find with reasearching the net and my opionin is stick to listening to your doctors advice. You are not a bad mom for not spending hours upon hours reasearching add and different ways that may or may not help your child

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