Sunday, January 3, 2010

just a dorky mom!!

So this morning I wake my son up at 6:30Am. "Its time for school" I say. He gets up totally awesome. Guess he was tired of being at home over Christmas break and missed his buddies. So anyway, he gets up beautifully. We get out the door on time. I pick up the neighbors children that I take to school. We arrive at the school........AND there are not many cars. Thinking that maybe its just a fluke. Maybe parents are running late or perhaps dropped off early. I get my son and the other two children out of the car. We go to the door and its locked. What in the world??? Did the teachers forget to unlcock door? So i stand there for a minute with 3 freezing children. When a lady walks up the steps and says "they dont come back today." I kind of giggled and looked at her. She then says "no Mam we have a teacher work day today. They come back tomorrow. So all the children and I get back into the car and came home. Luckily my son was still sleepy so after dropping the other children off we came home and napped the morning away. Just think its kinda funny that on a morning that there is no school he got up wonderfully and we werent rushing. So if your a mom who has done the same thing. And willing to admit it..LOL! Dont feel so bad, there are other dorky moms too!

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